Removing Vocals
from the right or left speaker only

With certain types of recordings, instead of hearing the vocals
in the center, directly between the left and right speakers, you
may hear them only coming from the right speaker OR the
left speaker.

For example, if the recording is of a church choir and they
were positioned on the left side of the building, you may
only hear the vocals from the left side, not the right side.

In this instance, the normal vocal removal technique will not
work, so use this method instead.

First Once your music is an MP3 file, start the Vocal Remover by
double-clicking on the Vocal Remover icon on your desktop.

Choose "File", then "Open", then select your MP3 file, or
just drag in your MP3 file.

Your music should now be loaded in, and if the music
was recorded in stereo, it should load in as two tracks.

If the software does not recognize the file or suggests
you should import the file, then you need to prepare the
music first: click here. If you try to play the song and it
plays back too fast, then you need to prepare the
music first: click here.

If you choose to play the music before you begin the vocal
when you are finished, even if the music is not playing.
The music must be in the stopped mode before you can proceed
to reduce the vocals. If it is only paused, you must stop it first.
If the music does not play properly, prepare the music first.

Click on the track pop-up menu.

(It's the black down arrow over the Mute & Solo buttons on the left
side of the track.)

Select "Split Stereo Track".

Use the track pop-up menus again
(They are the black down arrows over the Mute & Solo buttons on the left
sides of each track.)
Select "Mono" for each of the 2 tracks.

First the top track.

Then, the bottom track.


Notice that the upper audio track is marked "Left" and
the lower audio track is marked "Right".

Just below the Mute and Solo buttons is a volume
slider with a - and + to individually lower the volume of
the left or right track.

Listening to the song and use the volume sliders to
lower the left OR right balance until you can no longer
hear the vocals.

Save your new music without vocals to a WAV file.

Choose the "File" menu, then "Export".

WAV files can be used on both Windows and MAC computers.

You can now make a music CD with the WAV file,
(WAV files can be dragged into iTunes, and converted
into MP3 files within iTunes
) or you may wish to record
your voice along with the music. This software is also
extremely powerful for multi-track music editing and
includes a multitude of features. Click the "Help"
menu then "Contents..." for help with these additional

Saving your music to a CD

Recording voice along with the music

Displaying lyrics with your music

If you prefer to directly save the music in the MP3 format,
you first need to install the MP3 export utility*.
Please read this section:
Installing the MP3 export utility.
Remember, an easier alternative is to drag the files into
iTunes, then use iTunes to convert them to MP3 files

Changing the Tempo, Speed, Pitch, or Volume
Adding Echo, Fading In or Out, Enhancing Bass, Noise Removal

The vocal remover software also provides many effects
to enhance your music.

In order to use these effects,
highlight the entire song by choosing the
"Edit" menu, then "Select", then "All".

Or, if you want the effect to apply only to a portion
of the music, click and drag your mouse only over
the portion of the music you want affected.

Then, from the "Effect" menu, choose:

"Change Tempo" to change the tempo
(speed) of the music without changing the pitch

"Change Speed" to change the speed. When you
change the speed, you increase the pitch.

"Change Pitch" to change the pitch, key,
or frequency of the audio without changing
the tempo (speed).

"Amplify" to change the volume. You'll be able to
make the music louder or softer.

"Echo" to apply an echo effect.

"Fade In" to fade in the volume.

"Fade Out" to fade out the volume.

"Bass Boost" to enhance the bass of your music.

"Noise Removal" to remove background noise from your music.

Saving your music to a CD

BONUS FEATURE: Recording voice along with the music

BONUS FEATURES: Change volume, pitch, tempo

Displaying lyrics with your music


* It is the customer's responsibility to comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
(the text of which can be found at the U.S. Copyright Office Web Site, and other applicable intellectual property laws. 
MP3 export functionality is not included with this product. Users should verify MP3 export
license restrictions which can vary by country and use only licensed plug-in software. In
some countries you may need to pay a license fee to legally use MP3 exporting software.
Please refer to and for additional
information.  Vocal Remover Software is marketed, sold, and must be used only for legal use.
It is absolutely and strictly forbidden to use this product for any illegal purpose whatsoever.

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